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Dates:Oct 24-25, 2015

Leading Forum 2015 was held

Venue:Bellsalle Shinjuku Grand(Tokyo)
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To enhance the Program for Leading Graduate Schools by sharing the implementation status and challenges of each program to a broader constituency, the Leading Graduate Schools Forum 2015 including keynote lecture, panel discussion, program workshop, student forum, staff seminar and poster session was held.

Students were divided into the 5 rooms related to the 5 respective themes in the Student Forum.
Themes were;
1. Leadership Education
2. Interdisciplinary Education
3. Globalization/Internationalization
4. Partnership with Public and
Private Sectors
5. Project Works Addressing Social  Problems
and forcused on the "Outcomes of the Program".

The Student Forum was aimed at envisaging ways to improve leadership programs, with the students engaged in brainstorming exercises.
Exchanged opinions freely and selected the best idea for each theme.
The summaries of each discussion were presented to the plenum on the second day.
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