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June 20, 2015

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The 3rd student meeting of Leading Graduate Schools was held at Hokkaido University.

The conference was sponsored by the 3rd Student Meeting of Leading Graduated Schools Organizing Committee consisting of the graduate students in Ambitious Leading Program and Veterinary Science toward Contributing to “One Health” Leading Program in Hokkaido University.
The student meeting of Leading Graduate Schools is a meeting in which we can deepen our own experiences through the communication among graduate students in Leading Programs and think about what Ph.D. holders should be.
(From left side)Ms. Trang, Ms. Cecilia and Mr. Aryandhito from our program attended the meeting.
Participants selected themes, and shared ideas and opinions in groups. After the discussion, each groups made presentations and proposed the solutions to the participants.
Participants enjoyed Genghis khan (barbequed mutton) at the reception party!
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