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Sep 4, 2016 - Sep 30, 2016

School of Public Health Peking University, (Beijing)Liu Yuyan

 Peking University is one of the best universities in China, and I was so honored to get this oppotunity to make an internship in this university, even though the period was short, I had learnt many things, which I think would be great helpful for my future research.
 Professor Wang’s research team now are working on a study about the nutritional situation of school-age children in China. Currently, all these participants are still being followed up, and I also joined their work and inputed the questionaires. By far, several papers have been published, one of which was about the prevalence of picky eating behaviour in Chinese school-age children. This study showed that picky eating is a public health problem of high prevalence in school-aged children in China, compared with non-picky eaters, picky eaters have a lower intake of energy, protein, dietary fibre, reboflavin, and some minerals, and lower levels of mincroelements in the blood.
 During my internship, there would be more than one seminors every week in Professor Wang’s team for conducting the PhD students’ research work, or inviting professors or researchers from other institutes to give lectures. Besides above, sometimes I also joined some course, including epidemiology, biostatistics, and nutrition, from which, I learnd much more knowledge, and also reinforced what I have learnt before.

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