Student support system

  • Financial support

    It is expected that most of the students enrolled in this program will be provided with monthly stipend for supplies and living expenses so that they can concentrate on their studies and research. The employed student cannot receive the monthly stipend. An internal review committee will decide the award and amount every year based on student performance of course work and research. This support will terminate on 31st March, 2020 along with support from the MEXT(Ministry of Education, Culture, Science, Sports and Technology of Japan).

    There are opportunities to apply for research grants from various sources.

  • Excellent facilities for learning

    Learning space is provided at the Center for Epidemiological Research in Asia that opened in October, 2013. Students participating in this program have access to facilities that support leading-edge epidemiological research.

  • Support for career path

    Office for Career Path Support will be opened to support the establishment of career paths after the completion of the program.

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