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2017年 9月12日

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Pham Tai (2015 Spring enrolled) got the Best Presentation Award at the 10th Vietnam-Japan Scientific Exchange Meeting (VJSE2017).

大学院生のPham Taiさんが The 10th Vietnam- Japan Scientific Exchange Meeting VJSE2017 での発表において、Best Presentation Awardを受賞しました。
A Best Presentation Award of the Vietnam – Japan Scientific Exchange Meeting (VJSE) 2017 was given to Pham Huy Kien Tai, 3rd-year PhD student of Leading Graduate Program in Shiga University of Medical Science, on September 9, 2017. The VJSE meeting has become an important annual event since 2004 for enhancing the mutual understanding and scientific collaborations in a diverse range of fields of the natural sciences, social sciences, and technologies between scholars and students from Vietnam and Japan. His presentation emphasized cardiovascular burdens of smoking habit, which is a common health issue in Vietnam and other Asian countries. These messages are based on his current research named “Smoking associates with higher incidence and progression of coronary atherosclerosis in a community-based sample of Japanese men: The Shiga Epidemiological Study of Subclinical Atherosclerosis (SESSA)”. Tai is among six best students represent for each section received the award at this conference banquet marking its 10th anniversary.